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What's on the your mind? What are the needs that you are trying to uncover as the solutions provider? Regardless of your sector, a concise fact finding sheet will have many of the same elements - Purposes, Goals, Target Audience and Branding. The idea here is to ask enough questions so that any grey areas will slowly vanish and you will feel comfortable knowing that we listened to what both your vision and ROI needs are moving forward.

Planning & Analysis

We work based upon your goals , purposes and target audience established in the project brief. We create an analysis and project plan from informations of discussions, as a roadmap for the project. This is an essential step to developing a consistent easy to understand navigational system. In this phase we set the timeline and milestones for your entire project.

Functional requirement & Technical

We need to ensure that everything is alignment and support the overall project goals and needs. We have two basic specs:
- Technical spec: broswer, operating system, display resolution, connection speed and page download size.
- Functional spec: CSS, (X)HTML Version, Javascript, Search function....

Design & Construction

Now it is time to let the designers be creative! Review the project brief with the designer(s), than give them free reign to brainstorm solutions and develop the different visual designs. Our team also review any branding guidelines as well as the technical and functional requirements for screen resolution, browser compatibility, download time and accessibility.

Development & Evolution

With designs approved, it’s time to flesh out the design of the pages, develop new content and refine old content, create videos, slideshows, dropdown menu, podcasts and other media that will appear on the site as well as start to build out the HTML, CSS, Javascript and others of the project.

QA Testing, Feedback & Suggestions

The creative process takes a lot of time, and developer teams know it. When we factor in feedback from clients, the process takes even longer: numerous emails, revision notes, chats and meetings — that’s what it normally takes to find out precisely what the client wants.


Here is where migration to the final server take place. Testing of the site is critical as there will inevitably be issues that need to be addressed before the site goes live. But once the site is launched, the project isn’t over — you should be prepared to address feedback from users adapting to the new site.


A maintenance plan is an important and necessary in order to keep your project is updated. Our team will be more than happy to continue working together with you to update and maintain the information as you wish. We offer customized maintenance packages based on your specific needs.

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